A passion for cannabidiol’s many benefits lies at the heart and the start of Feel Good CBD products. The story began when our founder Andy met a man with multiple sclerosis (MS), Bryan Walden, in the United States while on a business trip. Andy saw first-hand how cannabis instantly relieved Bryan from his uncontrollable muscle spasms. There and then the seed of Feel Good CBD Products was planted in Andy’s mind. He felt so strongly about it he set up the company almost as soon as the aeroplane tyres hit the asphalt back in the UK.

This idea of using a safe, natural alternative to help restore people to their best selves has grown and grown. Years of intense research into cannabidiol and the development of the most effective ways to use CBD has resulted in the Feel Good CBD product range that we see today. They bring about that incredible change for so many people who thought they would have had to spend the rest of their lives on pain killers.

Now, more and more people everyday are experiencing the benefits of Feel Good CBD products. Andy’s original seed of an idea is now blooming. As Feel Good CBD grows, we stay true to our roots. Every day at Feel Good we nurture that passion for bringing CBD to people in need of help and bringing the joy that they thought they’d lost back into their lives.

This heartwarming story is from one of our favourite people in our Feel Good community. Over to you Margaret…

Keep feeling good 🙂