Discover the effectiveness of the transdermal application of CBD cannabidiol.

Ever had a Feel Good CBD massage? If you have then you already know that it’s up there with the most tranquil and relaxing experiences you will ever have.

Feel Good CBD Massage therapy products are made from only the purest and most natural organic ingredients. It is used by massage technicians and holistic therapists alike and is beneficial for anyone wanting to bring overall balance and wellbeing into their life via a CBD massage.

Feel Good CBD massage therapy products have various levels of CBD.

Body Butter 125mg CBD/100ml
Melts at body temperature and absorbs easily into the skin, great for an all over gentle topical application of CBD.

Sports Recovery Balm 500mg CBD/100ml 
Most commonly used by our sports massage customers for targeting pain and inflammation.

Massage Oil 1000mg CBD/30ml High concentrate
Only a few drops of this high concentrate CBD massage oil are required. Absorbing CBD well into the affected area on all skin types. Can be applied neat or added to a blend.

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